spoon bracelet jewelry for Illness awareness, spoon theory braclet for arthritis and fibromyalgia , custom hand stamped vintage jewelry

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illness awareness jewelry, lupus awareness custom made for you from a vintage spoon. ( * Note that all spoons vary since we use vintage silverware, the pictured one is a sample made for myself )
We can use the saying on the sample or you pick your own. This bracelet is sized , in small, med and large , by judging the wrist size from child small on up to large adult and is adjustable. Each of these is made to order and sized to fit close based on a small , med or large wrist, (small is 6in or under, Med 7 to 8 inch and large is on up , ) They are adjustable also once you put it on you can adjust to the proper fit. All are made from different vintage spoons and no 2 are alike ( just to be sure the photo is a sample only ) I have several spoons to choose from once the order it placed and the wording can be change for your needs.

PCOS Awarness is mine.
Today I made this piece for myself. I have been holding this spoon for a year trying to decide what to do with it since I love the handle so much I kept it for me . It is made from a 1881 Rogers sterling gravy spoon. It cracked on the sides some when I flattened and I got a double stamp on my p when I tried to darken it but I like it just as it is. It is for all my friends that have hidden illnesses like me. We look fine on the outside so no one would know you are sick by looking , but yet there is no cure, only things to help hide the symptoms, and some of those there is not a help for either. We march on an deal daily, someday good some are not. I am lucky mine is miner compared to some of my friends. I have PCOS. It took years to diagnose because no one knew what it was then, multiple Dr that treat you like you are crazy and nothing is wrong. Weight gain no matter what you eat or don't eat, no periods for months at the time, tiredness, cold all the time. Insulin resistant , that caused the weight issues and leaves you at risk for diabetes. Infertility issues, the list goes on . I got lucky and have 2 children after being told I may not have any. Now days more people are diagnosed because of people my age fighting for a answer they gave it a name. I am grateful for the new young Dr I saw at Wayne Women,s clinic one day that listened to me and said "I think I know what it might be your going to a specialist" She had just graduated school and had heard about this newly recognized condition. Unlike the one before in Raleigh that said all my problems where because I gained weight, and did not seem to hear me saying that the weight gain of 15 lbs at the time came after the rest of my issues. She said you are not crazy it is not in your head it is real ! There is no cure, and not even much meds for symptoms but I have found some nautural things that help. I may be cracked like my spoon but I will not let it break me into! PCOS( Polycystic Ovary Syndrome )
is mine what is yours?

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