Pewter hand stamped cuff bracelet, gift personalized with name and school , custom handstamped jewelry, handstamped jewelry

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Sports theme bracelet jewelry, personalized and designs to fit your needs with our name and sport design. Each bracelet is custom made to order so no to are exactly alike. These made of custom pewter blanks but can be made with other metals. ( message use for other metals options)
Large custom orders welcome message for details and order options for 10 or more bracelets.

PLEASE NOTE: These pieces are hand stamped. They are not machine made. Each letter is stamp one at a time, by hand. Part of the charm of hand stamped jewelry is that the letters are not always perfectly straight. Please do not consider these imperfections as defects, but as part of the character of the piece.
* Please note that due to supplies cost increases you may notice a slight increase in price of some items. Unfortunately due to covid shut downs many suppliers are low in stock ( if not out completely ) and this may affect our stock availability also . Please order early to insure deliver and availability . If we can find supplies at a lower discount we will but I will not sacrifice quality in materials as we strive to provide the best high quality items that we can . Thankyou for your under standing .

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