925 sterling silver Adoption mothers necklace, mommy necklace, gift for birth mom, gift for adoptive mom, handstamped jewelry, hand stamped

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Sterling silver,Adoption charms for birth mother or adoptive mother, , Great gift for open adoption, for both mother, with child birth stone, in a spiral design, with the message, " Grown under my heart ,and from my arms,grown in your heart placed in your arms, my trust in you I give to love and teach the way to live '" from birth mom to adoptive mother and " Grown under your heart and from your arms, grown in my heart place in my arm, my promise to you I give to love and teach the way to live. ( from adoptive mom to birth mom)

*These are original verses writen by the designer for a friend and are copy righted, and may not be used by another shop. We are the only shop with these charms. Infringement swill be inforced,

.PLEASE NOTE: These pieces are hand stamped not machine made. Each letter and symbol in the design is marked by hand one at a time. Part of the charm of hand stamped jewelry is that the letters are not always perfectly straight. Please do not consider these imperfections as defects, but as part of the character of the piece.


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